Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Living in a small industrial town on the North-East coast doesn’t tend to have many perks. Everybody knows every one else and all of their business and the small town life just isn’t for me. However, as you head towards the beach, you’re always met by a spectacular sight, especially in Hartlepool as the beauty of the coast line is amazingly contradicted by the surrounding industrial works, amazingly stunning in their own way.


At the current moment, I’m working a 9-5 desk job. It’s fine as a job – good experience and pays the bills- but it does create a very certain feeling of cabin fever. This tends to mean that lately, I have spent a lot of my evenings going for walks to stretch my little legs and shake off the feeling of being stuck inside. Every now and then, I like to mix it up with where I walk, but if I can’t decide, I can always rely on the seafront to clear my head.



Sometimes I take the camera down and use it as an opportunity to get some shots, sometimes it provides a good excuse to set the world to rights with one of the girls. Sometimes, it’s nice to just take a sit and watch the world go by around you, calmed by the sight and sound of the ocean.


There’s just something inherently soothing about being down by the sea, and no matter where I go, I seem to gravitate towards the coast and the water. I couldn’t ever imagine living somewhere landlocked, or even more than 15 minutes away from the sea. The immediate happiness of the beach never seems to be a solitary thing once you’re there either. Everyone always seems to have a smile on their face: families on a family day out; dog walkers and their over-excited pups splashing around; even the joggers look happy to be out! Boiling hot days with ice creams in abundance to freezing winters mornings, with the keen walkers looking to blow off some cobwebs, you’ll always find a happy face on the beach.


I guess what I’m trying to say is, whilst Hartlepool isn’t my favourite place on earth, the coast always will be and that’s part of what keeps dragging me back.


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