Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are absolutely man’s best friend. But then again, there’s nothing a good cuppa and a cake can’t fix. Fortunately for us, some genius has combined everyone’s love for the two and created the dog café Dog and Scone. Situated in an unsuspecting side street in Newcastle, perfectly placed next to The Mog on the … More Man’s Best Friend

Cultural Appropriation Across Global Pop: Is it an issue?

The sharing of cultures across the globe through music appears to be nothing but beneficial to cultural understanding – on the surface. It appears to encourage collaborations that connect opposing ideas across the world, as well as providing an endless bank of inspiration to many musicians. But is it always a good thing? … More Cultural Appropriation Across Global Pop: Is it an issue?

World Music 2.0: Adapting to the World at Hand

Generally, when considering World Music as a genre, most people think of ‘traditional’ music from outside Anglo-American countries. Initially, World Music was studied by ethnomusicological experts, who took themselves back to musical basics when researching. They would develop an understanding of the music from its cultural home, surrounding themselves with the music and its cultural … More World Music 2.0: Adapting to the World at Hand

Peak Times

I knew for months before arriving that the peaks in Hong Kong were world renowned and an absolute must while I was there. When Crissi suggested a gentle Sunday stroll up Sunset Peak, I thought this was an absolute no-brainer! How could I turn down a chance to go on one of Hong Kong’s legendary hikes? … More Peak Times

Alpaca my bags

Everyone loves a good surprise! Even better when that surprise is taking a friend to an alpaca farm as part of a weekend away for their 21st birthday! What could there possibly be to not love about the whole situation? … More Alpaca my bags