Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are absolutely man’s best friend. But then again, there’s nothing a good cuppa and a cake can’t fix. Fortunately for us, some genius has combined everyone’s love for the two and created the dog café Dog and Scone. Situated in an unsuspecting side street in Newcastle, perfectly placed next to The Mog on the … More Man’s Best Friend

Alpaca my bags

Everyone loves a good surprise! Even better when that surprise is taking a friend to an alpaca farm as part of a weekend away for their 21st birthday! What could there possibly be to not love about the whole situation? … More Alpaca my bags

Young Frankenstein

I was a little dubious as the show grew nearer, as I began to consider just how the film would be adapted into a musical and whether or not it would just feel forced and/or the overall plot would be adapted slightly to account for this. How could you really incorporate the singing and dancing into the story and would it carry off the same humour without the original cast? … More Young Frankenstein

In an emergency…

If you haven’t already read ‘What happens in Bulgaria’, I strongly advise you do so either before or after this post, just to confirm that we did indeed have a relatively good time in Sofia, except for this one night. Setting the scene – Alison and I had reached the final night of our trip. … More In an emergency…